Full-Service Design

01: Getting to know you

The process starts with a meeting at your house where we get to know you, your style, desires, goals, likes and dislikes. We will describe to you how the design process works and ask a bunch of questions so we can better understand what your personal style is.

2: Proposal

Shortly after our initial in-home consultation we will put together a proposal that will cover all the hours necessary to implement your project. Once the Design Fee Proposal is approved, we will come back to take measurements and photos of your space. We will gather all the information necessary for the design. And so our journey together is off to a good start.

3: Design

The fun part of the process starts now. We are back to the drawing board bringing the concept to life. Our plan will showcase furniture placement, color scheme and lighting recommendations. All these elements will elevate the design beyond your expectations. At this stage in the process we will meet again to present the proposed plan. You will be shown a variety of images of furniture, molding, light fixtures, rugs, etc as well as fabrics, flooring, paint samples and cabinetry appropriate for your project. Your collaboration is key. You will decide all the elements that will be included in the design project. Together we will finalize the plan that fits your style, the timeline and the budget.

4: Installation: The big reveal

This is the moment you have been waiting for: the big reveal. We prefer clients not to be present during the installation, if possible. This way all the pieces will be assembled quicker and perfectly placed in the room. Every single detail will be taken care of so that when you come home you will see that dreams can become reality. At this stage we hope to have exceeded your expectations, so let’s pop the champagne!


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