The E – Design service is an online version of our full-service design that we offer in Florida. This program provides clients with inspiration and direction from a professional interior designer via long distance. If you are a hands-on person who tackles DIY projects at your own pace than this is the right approach for you. You can customize this service based on your budget, time and goals. Let’s get started. Together.

E-Design Process

E-Design is an easy and fun process. You send us photos and information about your space and we create a functional and charming design plan that is customized for you and reflects your lifestyle. Everything is done via email and at your convenience. This plan will kick start your journey to transforming your house and your life.

1: Questionnaire

After you decide the scope of your project and select the room package, we send you a questionnaire to complete that helps us understand your style, desires, goals and timeline. You will measure your space and furniture (if it stays in the room).

2: Photos

We need to see your beautiful space to be able to complete the floor plan and furniture layout. Windows, walls, all architectural features of your room are taken in consideration when we create the design plan, so please take as many photos as you can.

3: Plan

Now the fun part begins. All the information you sent us is carefully reviewed before the design process starts. The drafted floor plan is customized to your space and will reflect your style and goals. It will include the furniture layout and lighting. Mood boards will also be prepared and will showcase 2 color schemes including paint pallet (if applicable), window treatments, furniture and lighting recommendations. An itemized list of all the suggested pieces accompanies the plan along with the associated link for easy access. We include recommendations for places where the sourced pieces can be purchased.

4: Reveal

All the materials we created for you: floor plan, mood boards, list of items featured in the design plan and the shopping list will be emailed to you. Now you have all the tools necessary to tackle your interior design project. Good luck creating your masterpiece.


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